CỘT SẮC KÝ LỎNG NUCLEODUR 100-5 C18 ec, 5 µm, 150x4.6 mm  <br>P/N: 760008.46

CỘT SẮC KÝ LỎNG NUCLEODUR 100-5 C18 ec, 5 µm, 150x4.6 mm
P/N: 760008.46

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Mô tả

Standard RP phase (110 Å) for daily routine analysis and up-scaling for preparative HPLC. Also available as wide pore (300 Å) for separation of biomolecules in analytical columns. This octadecyl modification is based on high purity NUCLEODUR silica gel.

Hazardous materialNo
MethodHPLC, analytical
Base materialNUCLEODUR - high purity silica
PhaseNUCLEODUR 100-5 C18 ec
USP listingL1
Surface chemistryMedium density monomeric octadecyl (C18, ODS) modification
ModeReversed phase (RP)
TypeEC HPLC column (analytical)
HardwareStainless steel
Column length150 mm
Column inner diameter4.6 mm
Particle typeFully porous particles (FPP)
Particle shapeSpherical
Particle size5 µm
Eluent in HPLC columnAcetonitrile – water
Recommended application(s)Aldehydes, Basic, neutral or acidic drugs, Derivatized amino acids, Fat-soluble vitamins, Ketones, Pesticides, Phenolic compounds, Reversed phase, RP applications HPLC
Carbon content17.5 %
pH stability1.0–9.0
Pore size110 Å
Specific surface according to BET340 m²/g
Pore volume0.9 mL/g
Temperature stability (max)60 °C
Tmax (phosphate buffer)40 °C
Pressure stability (max)600 bar
Column volume2.5 mL
Storage temperatureRT
Scope of delivery1x analytical HPLC column, instruction leaflet, certificate of analysis

Giá đỡ cột cho cột bảo vệ 4x2 + 4x3: 718966 (holder guard column)

Cột bảo vệ Nucleodur 4x3: 761932.30 (guard column)