Hóa chất Acetonitrile HPLC Grade 4L (P/N: A988-4)

Hóa chất Acetonitrile HPLC Grade 4L (P/N: A988-4)

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Mô tả
Absorbance0.01 max. at 254nm, 0.02 max. at 220nm, 0.04 max. at 210nm, 0.05 max. at 205nm, 0.07 max. at 200nm, 0.15 max. at 195nm, 1 max. at 190nm, Pass Test
Additional InformationVapor Pressure: 97mbar at 20°C
Assay Percent RangeAssay: 99.9% min by GC
Linear FormulaCH3CN
UN Number1648; Colorless
Merck Index15, 69
Solubility InformationSoluble in water
Formula Weight41.05
Physical FormLiquid
Percent Purity≥99.9%
GradeMobile phase for HPLC applications
Decomposition Information>500°C
DescriptionHPLC mobile phase for analytical and preparative separations. High UV transmittance and low evaporation residue. Suitable for gradient and isocratic conditions. Filtered through a 0.2Glc mum filter to remove particulates. This product also meets ACS specifications.
Boiling Point81°C
Melting Point-46°C
Quantity4 L
Filtered Through0.2-micron filtered.
Flash Point12.8°C (55°F)
Fluorescence BackgroundPass Test
HPLC Gradient SuitabilityPass Test
IdentificationPass Test
LCMS Gradient SuitabilityPass Test
PackagingAmber Glass Bottle
Residue after Evaporation1.0ppm max.
Specific Gravity0.781
Titratable Acid0.008mEq/g max.
Titratable Base0.0006mEq/g max.
Vapor Pressure97mbar at 20°C
Viscosity0.36 cP at 20°C
Water0.01% max.
Chemical Name or MaterialAcetonitrile