Hóa Chất Methanol HPLC Grade 4L (P/N: A452-4)

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Mô tả
Absorbance0.025 AU max. at 254nm, 0.15 AU max. at 230nm, 0.30 AU max. at 220nm, 1.00 AU max. at 205nm
Additional InformationVapor Pressure: 128hPa at 20°C
Assay Percent RangeAssay: 99.9% min by GC
Linear FormulaCH3OH
UN Number1230
Solubility InformationSolubility in water: miscible
Formula Weight32.04
Physical FormLiquid
Percent Purity≥99.9%
GradeMobile phase for HPLC applications
Carbonyl Compounds0.001% max.
DescriptionHPLC mobile phase for analytical and preparative separations. High UV transmittance and low evaporation residue. Suitable for gradient and isocratic conditions. Filtered through a 0.2μm filter to remove particulates. This product also meets ACS specifications.
Boiling Point64.7°C
Melting Point-98°C
Filtered Through0.2-micron filtered.
Fluorescence BackgroundPass Test
HPLC Gradient SuitabilityPass Test
IdentificationPass Test
PackagingGlass Bottle
Residue after Evaporation3ppm max.
Solubility in WaterPass Test
Specific Gravity0.791
Substances Darkened by H2SO4Pass Test
Substances Reducing PermanganatePass Test
Titratable Acid0.0003mEq/g max.
Titratable Base0.0002mEq/g max.
Vapor Pressure128 hPa at 20°C
Viscosity0.55 cP at 20°C
Water0.1% max.
Chemical Name or MaterialMethanol