Baird Parker Agar Base (P/N: M043-500G)

Baird Parker Agar Base (P/N: M043-500G)

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Mô tả
*Thành Phần**
IngredientsGms / Litre
HM Peptone B#5.000
Yeast extract1.000
Sodium puruvate10.000
Lithium chloride 5.000
Agar 20.000
Final pH ( at 25°C)7.0±0.2

**Formula adjusted, standardized to suit performance parameters # - Equivalent to Beef extract

*Hướng Dẫn

Suspend  63.0  grams  in  950  ml  purified/  distilled  water.  Heat  to  boiling  to  dissolve  the  medium  completely.  Sterilize  by autoclaving  at  15  lbs  pressure  (121°C)  for  15  minutes.  Cool  to  50°C  and  aseptically  add  50  ml  concentrated  Egg  Yolk Emulsion  (FD045)  and  3  ml  sterile  PTe  3.5%   Selective  Supplement  (1  ml  per  vial)  (FD047)  or  50  ml  Egg  Yolk  Tel Emulsion  (100  ml  per  vial)  (FD046).   For   additional   selectivity,   if   desired   add   rehydrated   contents   of   1   vial   of   BP S   Selective   Supplement   (FD069). Alternatively 1 vial of FPT Inhibitor (FD195) may be used per 90 ml medium in place of Egg Yolk Tel Emulsion (100 ml per vial)  (FD046)  for  identification  of  coagulase,  positive  Stapylococci. Mix  well  and  pour into sterile Petri plates.