EC (Escherichia coli) Broth (P/N: 1107650500)

EC (Escherichia coli) Broth (P/N: 1107650500)

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Mô tả
Specified by ISO 7251Specified by FDA-BAM M49GranuCultTM EC (Escherichia coli) Broth acc. ISO 7251 and
Digest of Casein
20 g/lTrypticase or
20 g/lEnzymatic Digest
of Casein*
20 g/l
Lactose5 g/lLactose5 g/lLactose5 g/l
Bile Salts No. 31.5 g/lBile Salts No. 31.5 g/lBile Salts Mixture**1.5 g/l
K2HPO44 g/lK2HPO44 g/lK2HPO44 g/l
KH2PO41.5 g/lKH2PO41.5 g/lKH2PO41.5 g/l
NaCl5 g/lNaCl5 g/lNaCl5 g/l
Water1000 ml/lWater1000 ml/lWatern/a
pH at 25 °C6.8 ± 0.2pH at 25 °C6.9 ± 0.2pH at 25 °C6.9 ± 0.2
* Enzymatic digest of casein is equivalent to trypticase.
** Bile salts mixture includes bile salts No. 3 (see EN ISO 11133).

Dissolve 37 g in 1 l of purified water. Dispense into tubes containing Durham tubes. Autoclave 15 min at 121 °C. The Durham tubes shall not contain any air bubbles after autoclaving.
The prepared medium is clear and yellowish-brown.